Would You Find a Toothless Woman Beautiful?

  I climbed into a ditch yesterday to get eye level with a woman who had been looking my way. I was the only white female around and with my ultra white skin and this long auburn hair, I’m sure that I stood out more than I realized. It had been a dream of mine […]

My Grandmother’s Dandelions

My grandmother, my mom’s mom, sent me an email of a comic strip this week. She’s 88 and not only does she use an iPhone, Facebook, and Instagram, but she has a better memory than I do sometimes. Maybe this happens because she’s fully present in a given moment and makes you feel like you’re […]

The Selfies My Husband and I Take

*snap* Another picture taken of my husband and I. Not by the paparazzi of course, but by my own hands. “Babe…you didn’t even smile”-Me *snap* again… “Haha! What are you doing here? You’re hilarious! I love you!”-Me What my loving and definitely humorous husband is doing in these moments is more than showing me love. […]

Confessions of a Not So Newlywed

As I recently drove past a church on a main road on a Saturday night, a limo pulled out onto the oncoming lane and left behind lots of nicely dressed people waving goodbye with bubbles celebrating the newlyweds. I smiled and watched the limo disappear over the hill in my rear view mirror. I had […]

Where Feet May Fail–Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Have you ever felt paralyzed to move forward with something? Have you stepped out and had a bad experience and purposed in your heart not to try again? I’ve been there and I think all of us have faced failure to some varying degree in our lives. I’ve learned a few things from my experiences […]

When Christmas Isn’t Like the Songs

  It’s going to be about 65 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Oklahoma this Christmas. This is certainly not the “baby it’s cold outside” weather of the Christmas songs I’ve been overdosing on. Matter of fact, it’s only about 10 degrees difference than my in-laws will experience in Nairobi, Kenya and they’re in summer months! While I might […]

From the Front Row of the Magnolia Market Silos Grand Opening

WELCOME to my behind the scenes “tour” of the new Magnolia Market and snapshots of my view from the front row of the grand opening and #silobration!  When I opened my email one morning in late August, I was ecstatic to see that Magnolia Market was having a big celebration for their new store opening! […]

When Religious Cliches Don’t Help

Kari Jobe’s potentially awkward moment turned into a beautiful moment for healing hearts. When an awkward lull happened at the Designed for Life women’s conference I attended a couple of weeks ago, I immediately knew what was going on. I’ve not been pregnant yet, but with all of my kidney issues, I can relate to […]

How To Overcome Disappointment

Recently Stephen and I spoke at one of our supporting churches in Winter Park, Colorado. Clearly it is one of the most beautiful places to connect and minister ;-) It makes me miss living in Colorado so much! The Pastor asked us to share a little bit from our experiences in this season and on the […]

Madagascar House Hunters International

For those who only want to know the air date for our episode of Madagascar House Hunters International, it’s October 5th at 9:30pm central time and then October 6th at 12:30am central time on HGTV ☺️ If you miss the live program, you can view it here after the air date. We love Madagascar… We […]