Coffee Nerd

My husband told me not so long ago that I was nerdy. Appalled even though he meant it as endearing, I asked him to clarify what made me nerdy. His first response was my knowledge of coffee. Whereas I would just call myself a coffee snob, clearly my interests in a fine cup of joe can be nerdy to some!

So my beloved Keurig is in storage in the States probably eager for my inlaws to use him :-) I packed my Italian stovetop coffee pot (seriously the best thing ever) and my strong plastic French Press to be send over in a shipment. In other words they are sailing on the ocean blue somewhere en route, but unable to satisfy my coffee needs.

I’ve made it a priority how to communicate how I’d like my coffee in Swahilli and now French. However, it’s so hard to communicate in so little words what your beloved coffee (I promise it’s not an idol in my life) should be prepared in a few words. I’ve had more nasty watered down yucky coffee overseas than in America. It’s disappointing because some of the best coffee in the world is grown in places I’ve traveled!! I’m like the problem is not your beans, the problem is you not knowing how to make coffee

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