I Love Hobby Lobby BUT…

I LOVE walking around Hobby Lobby and letting my creative part of my brain go wild. I get inspired and it’s a de-stress for me to take a trip there. I love the Greene family and all that they have done for ORU, Christian communities, and for crafting ;-) Really though, it’s a great place and I take full advantage of the 40% coupon every.single.time. (If you don’t–use that smart phone of yours to be smart!)

I love how accessible hot glue guns, ribbons, and picture frames are. I missed these things in Africa, BUT there are some REALLY odd things at times. By odd, here’s just a recap of a few things that I saw today. I didn’t spend any extra time looking for these, but I’m sure I’ll add to them in the days to come :-)

I first of all wanted to start out with the picture that began my picture-taking journey today because it’s a deal that no one can pass up…
HURRY EVERYONE!!! The 40% off of the 5′ tall Poinsettia isn’t going to last forever…but who buys these really??

The “just in case a 2012 Graduate takes two years to frame their picture”
photo 1-9
…here’s to an under $5 sentimental Christmas gift that I can get for my youngest brother who graduated High School two years ago…or not…(act surprised Evan)

Who DOESN’T look at themselves in the “aisle of mirrors”? I found a bossy sister telling her younger brother that he wasn’t “doing what she was doing in the mirror” properly.

It may be hunting season, but if your man isn’t really “into” that or can’t get a kill, just hang this in his office :-)
photo 2-9

Everyone is worried about Ebola outbreak while CLEARLY there is a Zombie outbreak that we all should buy signs for our shelters and warn people about it…
photo 3-8

Lastly, I found several foxes today scattered around the store…
photo 4-5
^^I mean we couldn’t unwrap the fox…?? And is it a cookie jar?? I’m terribly confused!

photo 5-5
I know people like the song, “What does the fox say”….but do we all like to decorate our houses with them too??? Just wondering ;-)

You’re welcome for that song playing in your head now :)

Lastly, I overheard the word “Pinterest” at least 3 times that I counted. Good for YOU Hobby Lobby! Crafting queens all over America will see something online and try to recreate it by shopping at your store!

Ok that concludes my quick/not so quick trip to Hobby Lobby to get something for my husband’s sermon which turned into laughter, pics, and this post! I love you HL and I’ll be back for some more fun I’m sure.

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