I Now Know WHY the Chicken Crossed the Road…

Earlier today we celebrated a missionary kid here who is about to graduate high school this summer from her boarding school in Kenya. It was a really sweet time to hear her parent’s share stories and view videos of her growing up. I sat there crying the whole time because clearly I can’t keep my tears back ever ((embarrassing))! I’ve gotten to spend time with this missionary girl the past 3 April breaks as I’ve been here to visit. She’s a lovely young lady and I’m excited to see all that God has in store. In her honor, Stephen and I REALLY ROUGHED it out today and ate Mexican food. I think that we ate enough for a month ;-) We’d been craving Mexican food and the salsa satisfied!!! Seriously though, we passed on dinner entirely tonight!

Tonight Stephen and I decided to go for a little walk. The sun was setting and we knew we had limited time to get out and back to our house. We live on a street that has a gated entrance. Once we got outside the gate and rounded the corner of the intersecting street, we saw three tiny kids. There were two boys around 5 years of age or so and a girl who might have been 3. Their giggles could be heard before they appeared. They began to call out to us and laugh even more heartily. I laughed too and wanted to snatch the little girl in my arms. Her tiny skirt and mis matching layer clothes were too cute! They were unsupervised so that kind of broke my heart as it was dusk time and they were on the side of the road. Stephen commented how much I love kids and come alive. It’s true—I just adore how children are children no matter what country and culture they belong to. I imagine that’s what makes “child like faith” so universal and applicable.

We walked a bit further and saw two women chasing a chicken across the road. I clinched Stephen’s hand tightly and recoiled at the sight of this squawking chicken! I did NOT want to see this thing beheaded in front of my eyes…which is another blog I’ll have to write another time. I darted to the opposite side of the street as I then heard silence from the flapping animals….OK! I’m glad they’re having a great dinner and all…but I’ve never seen a chicken crossing the road for it’s dear life!

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