I’m realizing how ridiculous most American idioms are and how even more ridiculous is my over usage of them. I had no idea that I used so many before until saying things to someone who’s first language isn’t English like “you already have a lot on your plate”….plate?! What am I talking about, food or responsibilities of life? Oy vey!

I also get this very strange accent while speaking English again to those who it’s not their first language. I’m aware of difficult words they might not understand and I try to convey concepts simply and slowly. I was raised by a Yankee father so I naturally speak quickly. I also try whenever possible to clearly pronounce my words as to not sound too okie;) I LOVE my roots, but unless I’m tired and I knowingly have an accent, I don’t like to be told I sound like an Oklahoman girl.

ANYWAY…This evening as Stephen and I were leaving a meeting with our young adults, we followed a young man who was with us back through the busy downtown square in rush hour traffic. There were cars parked at diagonals to the curb as well as on coming traffic. You also have the ever so clever bicyclists and motorcyclists weaving in and out of the cars. Then you have me, the white girl who also happened to be wearing white pants walking against the flow of traffic ;) Stephen was directly behind me keeping an eye on me and asked me a question. I turned to look at him as I replied and did so as I was still walking. “Oopsie!!!”, I exclaimed as I turned and almost collided with a cyclist. “Oopsie?! Did I just say that?!”, I thought to myself. This older man I’d almost got clobbered by was now inches from my face. He had a very distinguished face of dark leathery wrinkled smiles and said,”Oopsie!” back to me! Stephen, myself and the young man with us cracked up at this man’s repeating my words as if he understood what I had said.

Despite hilarious moments of the continual language challenges, I love how God can still communicate through me. Today I had the best ((and hottest)) translator help me speak to young adults. It’s fun to have your spouse translate for you. I loved sharing on sexual purity and God really gave us creativity on how to share and bring them to a place of understanding freedom in Christ. At the end we asked students to write any questions that they had about sexual purity down and that we would answer them in the weeks to come. As the brought forward their questions, they were challenged to cross a line of rope that we had symbolizing that they were not going to play games with the lines of compromise. They were each give a piece of rope to remind them of the message today.

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