The 23 Questions of Making Room for Jesus Blog

23 Questions from the book, The Revival We Need, by Oswald J. Smith

1.Have we forgiven everyone? Is there any malice, spite, hatred or enmity in our hearts? Do we cherish grudges; and have we refused to be reconciled?

2.Do we get angry? Are there any uprisings within? Is it true that we still lose our temper? Does wrath hold us at times in its grip

3.Is there any feeling of jealousy? When another is preferred before us, does it make us envious and uncomfortable? Do we get jealous of those who can pray, speak and do things better than we can?

4.Do we get impatient and irritated? Do little things vex and annoy? Or are we sweet, calm and unruffled under all circumstances?

5.Are we offended easily? When people fail to notice us and pass by without speaking, does it hurt? If others are made much of and we are neglected, how do we feel about it?

6.Is there any pride in our hearts? Are we puffed up? Do we think a great deal of our own position and attainments?

7.Have we been dishonest? Is our business open and above reproach? Do we give a yard for a yard and a pound for a pound?

8.Have we been gossiping about people? Do we slander the character of others? Are we talebearers and busybodies?

9.Do we criticize unlovingly, harshly, severely? Are we always finding fault and looking for the flaws in others?

10.Do we rob God? Have we stolen time that belongs to Him? Has our money been withheld?

11.Are we worldly? Do we pursue the pleasures, glitter, pomp, and show of this life?

12.Have we stolen? Do we take little things that do not belong to us?

13.Do we harbor a spirit of bitterness towards others? Is there hatred in our hearts?

14.Are our lives filled with lightness and frivolity? Is our conduct unseemly? Would the world by our actions consider us on its side?

15.Have we wronged anyone and failed to make restitution? Or, has the spirit of Zacchaeus possessed us? Have we restored the many little things that God has shown us?

16.Are we worried or anxious? Do we fail to trust God for our temporal and spiritual needs? Are we continually crossing bridges before we come to them?

17.Are we guilty of lustful thoughts? Do we allow our minds to harbor an impure and unholy imagination?

18.Are we true in our statements, or do we exaggerate and thus convey false impressions? Have we lied?

19.Are we guilty of the sin of unbelief? In spite of all He has done for us, do we still refuse to believe the promises of His Word?

20.Have we committed the sin of prayerlessness? Are we intercessors? Do we pray? How much time are we spending on our knees? Have we crowded prayer out of our lives?

21.Are we neglecting God’s Word? How many chapters do we read each day? Are we Bible students? Do we draw our source of supply from the Scriptures?

22.Have we failed to confess Christ openly? Are we ashamed of Jesus? Do we keep our mouths closed when we are surrounded by worldly circumstances? Are we witnessing daily?

23.Are we burdened for the salvation of souls? Have we a love for the lost? Is there any compassion in our hearts for those who are perishing?

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