Cinderella Says the F Word


Cinderella said the F Word

I heard her and I was SHOCKED!

I had seen the advertisements for the new “Cinderella” movie, but resisted seeing the full trailer because I knew I’d anticipate its debut too much!

Today, once I knew it was released, I watched the trailer.

I teared up watching the preview while in a public place. I made Stephen watch the preview with me and he looked at me and said, “Are you crying already?”. To which I remarked, “Of course! It is just so magical”.

My husband then graciously took me to see the movie later that evening with some of our friends.

The story line of course is the same as it has always been :) Yet it appears to come to life more with actual live characters.

On a side note: I may or may not have a song from the Roger and Hammerstein Cinderella version on my phone… “do I love you because you’re beautiful…”…moving right along…

I was intrigued by the beauty of Cinderella’s relationship with her mother and father and saddened by her loss of both of them (that’s NOT a spoiler ;) c’mon you know that already).

The actress who plays Cinderella, Lily James (or Rose as some know her ;) ) does an incredible job portraying her role.

I was captivated.

She wasn’t just a servant who rolled her eyes and replied with a sigh to her evil step-mother like the cartoon Disney version often portrays.

She served with kindness in every moment as her real mother had told her to live out her days with courage and kindness.

Through all of the wickedness, cruelty, and dashed dreams, Cinderella meets all circumstances with kindness in this movie.

She even offers the fairy god-mother disguised as a beggar some milk even though she herself is in some serious heartache of her own.

Tears of sadness are shed as we walk with our beloved princess as she walks through losing her parents, suffering cruelty, being rejected, and seemingly losing all hope.

If you’re like me, you cry when her dress is brilliantly transformed by the “bippity boppity boo” magic!

Her dress and the carriage are nothing short of stunning!

Nothing could have prepared my heart for the joy of the royal ball scene!
It was quite grand.

Then I had to endure the scheming of the step-mother and Cinderella’s invalidation of being worthy of the love of a Prince/King.

In the end when of course Cinderella is the absolute last woman in the kingdom to try on the shoe and it fits, she is whisked away instantly with the now, King.

Before leaving the farmhouse that she grew up in that holds the precious memories of her parents, we see the step-mother on the staircase.

And that is when Cinderella says IT.

The BIG F word…

The one we don’t hear often.

Cinderella looks at her step-mother, the one who has hurt her so deeply knowing that she now has full power to repay and bring vindication and she says,…




I don’t even remember the rest of what was said in the movie. I was already sitting on the edge of my seat and when that line was released, I bawled.

I didn’t bawl at the true love of a common girl and a Prince, although what Jesus has done in my life CERTAINLY reminds me of that and is part of why this movie unlocks my heart.

I didn’t bawl at how pretty her dress was, although I did cry at that.

I didn’t even bawl at the loss of her family and all she loved.

I wept so hard at the end, because I wasn’t expecting her to forgive and release the one who hurt her so much.

I’m accustomed to our culture where we strive to defend ourselves, seek vindication , and wish the worst on our enemies.

Where the world says a different F-word altogether when given the opportunity to slay our enemies.

How easy it would’ve been for Cinderella to have made a cheeky remark.

Instead “I FORGIVE YOU” comes out of her mouth….3 of the most powerful words that one can experience.

The way she reacted in kindness reminded me of  the blog I wrote about the avocado tree and what happens to it when it’s beaten.

The movie didn’t end with the step-family characters dressed in rags serving Cinderella all the days of their life.

There was no focus given to evil in the end, because it was defeated by love.

And not even the love between the King and Cinderella,…

but the love in Cinderella’s heart towards the ones who hurt her.

Who do you need to forgive today?

Like Cinderella, the kingdom of Heaven belongs to those whose hearts aren’t bound in offense.

It is released in and through the lives of those who choose kindness. Who choose love.

Those who walk in the words of their King and extend the forgiveness that He has so freely given to them.

Who needs to hear “I FORGIVE YOU” from your lips today?

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Author: Bailey Kuert

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13 thoughts on “Cinderella Says the F Word

    1. Bailey Kuert Post author

      Thanks so much Pastor Joshua!!! I’m praying for you guys and just checked out your website for lead church!! Excited for you all!

  1. Alena Belleque

    Thank you for this wonderful look at the new Cinderella movie. I haven’t seen it yet; hopefully later this month. I’m so thrilled to hear forgiveness is an aspect of this movie! #pinning

  2. Anna Willemstein

    This was a great post Bailey!!! I didn’t realize you were blogging till I looked at Instagram a little more closely.
    PS- LOVE Rogers & Hamerstein Cinderella sound track!! We had the old record player version at our Grandma and Grandpa’s and Laurel and I would make Isaac dress up as the prince and we would dance to the entire record at least once a week! :)

    1. Bailey Kuert Post author

      Haha! My mom loves that version! :) I grew up watching a vhs of a production of it :) I’ve been blogging for about 5 years, but imported just the last 3 into this one, since they’re posts where I’ve been engaged/married to Stephen :) LOVE you pretty lady!!!

  3. Celia

    Thank you so so much for this post! I was just in a bible study today about forgiveness and I brought up Cinderella at the end of this movie. It was crazy to come home and then a link to this on my Facebook! God really does work in amazing ways. You explained everything I was trying to say in my study so perfectly, thank you.

    1. Bailey Kuert Post author

      I’m glad that this post was able to encourage you!! Keep walking out the amazing ways of Jesus :)

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  6. Nomps

    Hey Bailey,

    I saw that you posted this a while ago and I’ve been meaning to read it. Let’s just say of course I did not expect this F word. This is truly beautiful and a message that cannot be heard enough times.

    1. Bailey Kuert Post author

      Haha–I’m sure that you didn’t! You need to see the movie–you would LOVE it my dear ;) Hugs!

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