Day 18–Words in RED–I Am With You Always

I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 

I am quite a people person. I absolutely love people and I could everyday around people I love and/or meeting new faces. Facebook to me isn’t just a “I’m bored” tool. I love knowing how people are doing, how many months their babies are, where they are living etc. I say all that to say that even though God gave me a strong personality and desire to be around and interact with others, I have to have my alone time. Especially when I don’t feel well, if I am around others I get drained so quickly! I quickly found out once I got married that I don’t like someone in my space all of the time ;) I like him haha, but I have to withdraw and be alone and be still. I may love talking and laughter, but I need quiet and peace too.

This scripture is especially near to my heart tonight. Never never never ever will Jesus leave us or forsake us! I am comforted by the fact that Jesus doesn’t need a coffee break from His job. He doesn’t need to withdrawal and ignore his phone, emails and millions of prayer requests for a few days. He doesn’t need to stay up late when the world is quiet and I’m off to sleep and secretly slip off duty. He is with me all day everyday. He is not obligated to be with me. Jesus delights in being with me. He desires to fill me with His Holy Spirit and guide me everyday.

He is with you as a child of God. He doesn’t want you to think that you’re ever alone. He doesn’t want you to buy into the lie that He is far away unaware and not considering your current state. This was a promise that Jesus gave to his disciples after His resurrection before He ascended to heaven. We have the joy and privilege to partner with Him everyday. We aren’t forsaken. Those who gave their lives to Him back then had the same assurance as we do now. We may not know Him in the flesh, but by the Holy Spirit we know Him and have the confidence He is with us.