Day 19–Words in RED–Send Out Laborers

Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. Matthew 9:38 

I felt these words in red hit my heart in a particular way in the middle of the night last night. I began to pray. As I’m watching the World Cup most evenings here in Africa, I am seeing many faces of many nations. Even traveling around in Nairobi daily, I’m interacting with wealthy and intelligent doctors as well as poor people. There are some native born Kenyans and many others from various nations. Every one a part of the harvest.

This verse is obviously close to my heart as a missionary. I see all being ones who Jesus loves, cares for and died for. I’m thankful for my experiences as a missionary even before I became a full-time one. I’m thankful I’ve traveled not for pleasure but for purpose. I’ve seen many beautiful places, but most importantly I’ve met beautiful people and watched Jesus transform their lives. It’s a real joy to serve Jesus’ heart for souls.

I grew up loving Africa and always saw myself living here one day. Once I came to know Jesus, my heart broke for the people here and around the world. I even thought I would marry a European missionary to Africa ;) As I traveled and sent teams around the world, I began to love all people and pray for the nations. I’ve cried hard over countries I may never touch foot in. I’ve prayed for people I might never meet. Then there are the ones I have met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in Cambodia, in Dominican Republic and many more places. The ones even today I asked Jesus to send someone across a friend’s path that needs Him, and the faceless ones in Kenya whom I’ve yet to meet who need Him. Catching a glimpse of how God feels over a person and praying for them is the best feeling in the world. Partnering with God by praying for the harvest and going out to the nations is to me the greatest use of our lives even if it’s not in a full time occupational job. We are all called to pray.

God, send forth laborers into the harvest. Wake up our hearts to live for something bigger than ourselves. Show us Your heart for people. Let us be willing to go in these last days. Let us be salt and light to a world bound in fear and darkness. Let us look around us and realize that the harvest is everywhere and let us not waste any time.